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Services Overview

NYC Advisors offer three primary services: Strategic Advisory Services, Business Operations, and Management Consulting & Executive Coaching. In every situation, NYC Advisors can stay on-board to lead the implementation of all relevant changes such as financial, operational and managerial procedures.

Strategic Advisory Services

Restructuring / Workouts / Turnarounds

We evaluate your situation by reviewing all operation workflows, from sales to delivery, including all internal operations and financials, prepare a plan and lead or assist in its execution. We can serve as an interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Chief Operating Officer (COO); and Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) – as needed.

Strategic Business Plans

We help you define and focus on the right strategy for your company, such as growth, restructuring and/or exit planning. We review your current operations and financials, and prepare a business plan based on our findings, while keeping in mind your visions and objectives.

Exit Strategy & Internal Due Dilligence

We prepare your company for sale/merger and ensure that you have the proper information to present to prospective buyers during their due diligence review. This includes performing internal due diligence prior to a sale, and/or prepare the information that the prospective buyer requests during the due diligence phase.

Merger & Acquisitions Assistance

We provide pre- and post Merger & acquisition services. During the M&A process we assist your company by preparing the necessary files, information and analysis for a buyer’s review, and strategize with you every step during negotiations. Additionally, we can prepare an integration plan prior to, or after the closing of the transaction, and lead or assist in the integration of the merged companies.

Business Operations

Systems, Process & Workflow Evaluation

We evaluate your financial and operations processes & workflows and propose improvements in the areas below.

Productivity & Operational Efficiencies

Upon review of the company’s current operations, we will map out a plan for increased productivity and operational efficiencies.

Management Reporting

Insightful management reports are the best way to understand a company’s operations and financial status. We will help you establish KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) so you can measure the company’s performance and immediately address any deviation from the established KPI’s.

Organizational Restructuring & Change Management

In certain cases, there is a need to make a comprehensive reorganization due to a merger, senior management changes, addressing new market opportunities, downsizing or other circumstances. Upon review of management’s goals and objectives and the company’s structure, we will suggest and help implement the required changes.

Management Consulting & Executive Coaching

Ella Scheinwald heads our Executive and Management Consultancy division.  She provides one-on-one and group custom-designed programs on leadership and business strategy for senior management and their teams via a client-centered approach.

What we do:

  • Address client’s challenges, agendas and objectives
  • Strategize for effectiveness and productivity
  • Streamline decision-making processes
  • Improve team dynamics
  • Define and set attainable goals to achieve success
  • Create accountability

Clients include senior management of any size company, including entrepreneurs, business owners, mid-size up to multi-million domestic and global corporations.