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BMT Commodity Corporation
Client: BMT Commodity Corp

BMT Commodity Corporation was founded in 1922, and began its business activities as an importer of specialty minerals and tropical hardwoods from Brazil. At that time, the name of the company was Brazilian Minerals and Timber Corporation, which was changed to the present name as its scope of business activity widened.

During the early years, the Corporation gradually expanded its activities as an importer to include various commodities on a brokerage basis, establishing an excellent reputation as a company which fulfilled its commercial commitments domestically and abroad, and which provided an exceptionally high level of service to its customers.

Today, BMT Commodity Corporation is a diversified international merchant with principal emphasis on crude, semi-manufactured, and fully manufactured raw materials for industry.

Structure for Growth
The structure of BMT Commodity Corporation permits expansion into several selected new product areas where existing management expertise can assure profitable operations.

All BMT divisions are headed by top management executives, working closely with a second management echelon which can assume responsibility in case of need. BMT’s keystone for business growth is to serve as a trading partner, assuming the important roles of domestic supplier to the client, and in-house marketing and market research group to the manufacturer. In this way, BMT Commodity Corp. has earned a strong reputation for providing a wide spectrum of both service and value to clients and manufacturers alike.

Worldwide Sourcing, Logistics & Financing
Through our extensive network of North American, South American and overseas representative offices, our commercial and technical professionals are able to meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors and end users in all parts of the world, providing high quality products and an exceptional level of service, logistics and financing.